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Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The thesis or composition on the Evolution of Religion deals with a lot of issues that affect our society. The most important part of this writing is the expression and knowledge of how Domestic and Social abuse creates victims out of victims. The effects of these abuses can lead to many illnesses one of which is depression. The cure is locating the cause and finding a way to communicate the experience with others so that others will be able to empathize and guide. The best person to know how to prevent divorce is a person that has gone through a divorce, therefore; the best person to identify and deal with abuse is a person that has overcome being abused. The key is being permitted to disclose the abuse and bring about resolution to the cause and problem.

Some problem resolutions might include identifying the abuser and softening their heart to the point that the abuser repents, makes reparations and does not abuse anymore. This is the key to resolving issues of physical dependence on chemicals. Some people become dependent on chemicals for those substances make the individual feel good and this adds to a psychological dependence. While those that become the victims of physical or emotional abuse tend to remain the victims until the abuser is identified and that person's heart is opened to the harm they have caused.


  1. The Rise and Fall of the Sea (A poem)
  2. The Evolution of Religion (A theorem)
  3. A Vision of Democracy (A prophecy)
  4. Imagine (A rewrite embellished to conform to my beliefs)

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Monday, October 10, 2005

The Rise and Fall of the Sea

I take it with faith upon my heart that my religion is true,
how can I show this to you?
I know the sum of what I know, can I learn any more?
How do you open the door when faced by tragedy?
What does this all say about the human race?
A curse by GOD's grace,
Is this of GOD?

In time we shall all come to know, that GOD is sovereign over ALL
Sovereign and supreme over all religions GOD is the Cream
Not just found in a dream
Unified over all of the Earth GOD is more than you and me

But GOD is in you and me
And yet you do not see

The rise and fall of the sea
It reaches up to you and me
It calls and screams and then again it comes back
Reaching and thrashing and suddenly quiet
Dancing to the rhythm of poetry
Swirling about and then drifting in and out

Inside of the strongest currents you can still find life

The same exists in little pools left behind from the high water line
Life goes on
The sun will rise and set
The moon will glow
The wind will blow
And when all subsides
It is then you will find

That people still will not know the Truth for which they live...

The real Truth is revealed in the Heart by Love.

The Origins of Life and Earth or Life on Earth

Pangaea, the smaller Earth,
A large frozen volume of water, a molten core, a growing and changing Earth, the age of ice.
I would say the Earth evolved sort of like the show down in Orlando, FA at Epcot center, 'The living seas'
(a former show prior August 21, 2005.) - Wikipedia

I might have a slightly different vision with a smaller world prior to Pangaea actually forming. Who said the Earth had to have land in the Early years, most likely the planet has been growing and evolving with the life that has also evolved.

What Spirit gave life to Earth?

The numbers might move on the time line as new evidence continues to be found, I'm all for verification of everything, I mean really what are the odds that a molten mass would fly out from a super nova orbiting around a star that was also created at the same time, this molten mass would have enough nitrogen and oxygen to create an atmosphere plus an ocean of water around a molten core that would develop a crust that would end up getting pushed to the surface of the water as a land mass, while life forming in the oceans would evolve out of the waters to roam in search of food. I can imagine a frozen planet being thawed and refrozen many times before an actual atmosphere is created the ice or frozen crust around the molten core would melt and it would be a very violent beginning with a very thin crust at the bottom of the ocean, lots of volcanic activity associated with such a beginning. It would be a battle between the molten core and the water, and at times there would be moments of peace.

That stress and Eustress would be the perfect recipe to form life in a turbulent hot and cold environment that periodically has an eddy of calm. Imagine a life form growing at just the right temperature swimming below a layer of ice and not to deep or too close to the molten core.

So there you have a very likely beginning of the origins of life, and Earth.

Of course you could say, life on Earth. [3-16-2010] GJL

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A New Religion Evolved from the old religions


The purpose of this post is to create a way to organize the wide diversity between all religions under one umbrella and to look at all the good and bad to weed out the evil and unite all religions into one universal concept less the man made structures and flawed teachings that contradict common sense.

A majority of people on our planet believe in a source of something that is called Spirit, or GOD (Allah) the quest is for knowledge of GOD/Spirit/Allah. Where do we find GOD/Allah/Spirit.

For now we seek
Source, Power, Above, Religion, Knowledge, Love, Everlasting/eternal, Spirit. (SPARKLES)

(Follow the links to find your own individual beliefs.)

What are the realms of Different Religions

Egypt the Bible and the Ptolemaic lineage

In the Beginning the Origins of Organized Religions

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Prayers, Wishes and Petitions

What are the sacred objects of different religions?

On line Texts

Prophecies in Religion

Do You believe that the Devil Exists?

Do You Beleive in Heaven and Hell?

Being Made in the Image of GOD

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Things yet to be done

Evolution of Religion

Where does religious thought go wrong?

If in the evolution of religious sciences we do not bring about the required change in our communities our communities will become the tools of chaos and destruction.

What happens when we can not see that what we worship is the terrorist that gets inside of our own thoughts and then these thoughts become the source of the worst kind of behavior displayed in society?

What I have been talking about is the Social Sciences and how we behave in our communities and how we interact with each other. A book on sexual predators, with an emphasis on child molestation, was written by one of my former teachers, Michael Pittaro. It would be a long read, fortunately I had the man as a teacher to the introduction of Criminal Justice. Mr. Pittaro did a very nice job of introducing me to the course and he gave some background history about himself. If over a period of time you listen to a teacher you will find things about the person that strikes to their root beliefs. And that will be the theme of the person. So although I haven’t read his book I was given a brief synopsis of what he wrote and how he would write as a person and an author.

What does this have to do with religion and other social ills? Well if you know me you know that I have been tying a lot of things together and incorporating a lot of different thoughts into one thought for change in society. Here is where it all begins.

What went wrong?

It was the American Dream that is what we all are given when we are born into our world, we know or we share this experience as our parents share with us.

What are the problems that we as children face? Many, why is nurturing so important? I think that is pretty obvious.

So even without the best circumstances and nurturing you can draw from the other gifts that your parents share with you, if the parents have the resources to do the things necessary to support a home and build out from there, take children on trips and vacations time spent away from home is just one way of nurturing a child, a mother and a father working together even on weekend trips is a form of giving nurture to the children and giving the childs mind a chance to grow and expand, it expands both the childs mind and also the parents mind.

Enter into the picture Divorce.

The family bond is broken, how many broken marriages do we have in our society? How many marriages have been broken with in the Christian community? Why do I ask so many questions? And what is my point? Well if a child is raised in a broken home you tend to loose some of the connection with the world around you. If you loose the one parent that knows how to nurture you then you loose something special. You die a little bit inside. You lose your love and you die a little more. And then you lose your love for yourself and you are gone over the edge. Notice your spirit dropping as you read that last section. Did you slow your reading down as the thought emerged? Read that again a little slower if you didn’t. The family bond is broken, how many broken marriages do we have in our society? How many marriages have been broken with in the Christian community? Why do I ask so many questions? And what is my point? Well if a child is raised in a broken home you tend to loose some of the connection with the world around you. If you loose the one parent that knows how to nurture you then you loose something special. You die a little bit inside. You lose your love and you die a little more. And then you lose your love for yourself and you are gone over the edge.

What are the ills of society, it is abuse, people abusing each other and people not knowing why they do it. If a man and a woman marry, they are to be compatible for life, my parents were not in Love not that my father didn’t love my mother, but because my mother didn’t feel that my father loved her. And that set into motion the wheels of injustice and no body understood why? Not one person could answer as to why this happened; well I know why it happens.

But who cares to listen to what I know, and how we could change our world for the better if we stop looking at men that are looking at the beauty around them and these men becoming one with the world around them and start focusing on the real evil and where this evil comes from. It is placed first into our minds from the way we learn about who and what we are. We are first manipulated and put down in the first chapter of the Bible. And from Genesis on through the point is punctuated and extrapolated that a person is not valuable and that we are all flawed. Add to that if you look around you, and you become a part of your surroundings then you are unfaithful and that accusation can be placed upon you and you can be driven out of your house, why? That is a question that still isn’t answered; many say it is just because. Well that is an injustice, because why? I know that in the situation with my parents it was that crazy wheel, where one gets offended and doesn’t feel and then the other being offended doesn’t offer. And it spirals downward and that still doesn’t offer the answer to why. So we dig a little further, and we notice that there is a pattern, a woman that dotes more time on the girls than on the boys, yet she has two marriages to men. Well she isn’t a lesbian, but she has an emotional problem with boys. She yells and fights a lot in her personal environment, but on the outside nobody would be able to see in. How does she put on such a good act? While there are times that children and others need to have a point impressed upon them there is also a time when you need to be involved in the children’s lives. How do you do that? You if you can make sure that the Children get to school safely and are guided during the hours that you are not home. Who can help with that task? You must rely on community involvement. Not every parent can take the time to walk a child to school, not every parent can spend time helping children with homework, as there are many things that need to be done around each and every house. But how do you know if a parent has failed? In many cases we will not know if a parent is failing. What we will know is that we as a society have failed if we are not active in making a safe way for the children to be safe.

I was not raised in a safe community. I know that some people had tried to help, but my experiences of my childhood and some of the traumas that I received both inside of my house and outside in the community are traumas that no child should ever have to endure. One of the most striking thoughts is that while talking to my father he mentioned that he felt as though his efforts to reach out to my mother were rejected. At that point he put on the role of being father and resigned himself to the fact that he wanted to get out of the marriage when us children were old enough. Why did that happen? The strangest thing would happen, of course, ten years after their first child a third child would be born. Who was trapped? What dream was destroyed? And who suffered the most? In suffering from this new change in his life my father was also stretching his wings trying to get out of his cage and the cage was getting smaller his plans foiled, and then a woman who just went through a divorce entered his life. Why did she get divorced? Is this a case of an abusive husband? Why? Why was her man abusive? What is wrong with these people? Is it a lack of Biblical teaching? No, I don’t think that is the answer, I think the answer is more on the lines of what did the men learn from their parents and peers. Of whom many had solid Biblical backgrounds. So where did the problem enter in? I think it is the actions of those that can not control their emotions. My father had a thing about women being emotional creatures. Men on the other hand are what? I’m sure that my father described men as reactive or analytical; but he would always qualify that with there are women and men that can be both or opposite. My father would often say there are no absolutes.

So then if you can be one or the other, Biblical or Non-Biblical and the divorce rate is virtually the same for both, then something else is driving people to the fray of divorce. What is it? I think it is abuse, and this abuse has been going on for a long time. But the cycle of abuse can and must be broken, but how? We have a lot of people working on this problem today; many people are seeking the answers that exist with in what they themselves know. But what about a person that comes along from inside the issues of abuse? What insight does that person bring to the table? Many of the people doing research on issues of abuse have never been abused, they look at the experience from the outside, what are the chances that an abused victim would ever get heard in a society that only looks in from the outside? As we know the people that are on the outside looking in are the ones that have the control to stop the abuse cycle. The problem is that they cannot see the problem is inside of them and how they think. While being on the outside looking in you are probably of a family of a higher learning order. What are the rates of Divorce among the people that are in Love with each other? I don’t think we have to guess at that answer, or should I spell out 0. We all know an oxymoron when we see one right? What are the chances that these people that know Love and care about others have enough money and time to do something about a problem that might exist? What is the problem? Where do we find an answer to the problem if we can find the problem?

The problem is found in the Bible, it is that defeated purpose where living isn’t worth a thing, we are to small to solve our own problems. And how does this message get reinforced? Through the Bible, if you read and become divided and can no longer help yourself because you are depressed because you are to insignificant and the cycle spirals downward. But there is good news, you can die… That didn’t help much and it no more makes a person love another person, and in fact makes a person unlovable because now you have a person that was abused and now is depressed, a bad combination. How do you get help? And who does a person turn to? Will money help the poor in spirit is that the answer? Well there are a lot of things that can help the poor in spirit, but the first is to get their spirits lifted and make available to them the money to be able to do the things that matter for their families. Love and Health increase when money is available also, we could do better by doing the opposite, by reducing the cost of services and products we can make available our services to others.

Not everyone has enough land to go out and grow a garden, and the barter system is nice, but how much of an abundance of everything do we need? We need to be able to feed the poor and help those that are in need, but if we don’t take care of ourselves soon we too will be needing help and we will become the poor. The cycle of abuse stops when the system stops abusing us.

We need to get help for those that are victims of abuse, they need to be heard and we need to find a way that they can overcome the problems and issues that they face.

While at the same time addressing the issue of abuse, and we are talking about self abuse here in this segment, the one thing that becomes clear is the addictive personality and how that person can be turned from an abuser to a user. The idea is to make abusers, users and useful in society, and not send them down a path to incarceration. Unfortunately; some people will not be turned around and they will end up in jail for their past behaviors. Examples of behaviors that would lead a person into incarceration would be the non-payment of debts, continued abuse of substances banned by the courts, and other malicious behaviors that cause harm to people.

In summary the Bible has a lot to do with what people believe and must be changed to become effective to instruct people how to live and lead a good life, while society has to work with people that have become victims to such issues as being abused and we need to provide help that is real in getting off of the abuse cycle, so that our children are not abused by our parents mistakes. We pass on what we learn and it is not easy to break family cycles, but we must try to make available every means and offer every assistance for those that are willing to identify abuse in their past, by parents, spouses or even their own failures. We can all be the hero for another person and that is showing Love and Caring. That is what the Church is supposed to be about, you do not need a building with four walls to make a Church or to know GOD you need people that know GOD to build a Church and Network around you to help you and support you.

It is the Evolution of Religion to bring us to know GOD and that as we know GOD we become like GOD. Does that mean that we become perfect? No it means that we seek to do the right thing for ourselves and others and that in and of itself is Love. To be made whole independently to have your own GOD and not to establish that GOD for others, but to share what you know with the others that you Love and Care about around you.

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Important Terms

Abiogenesis Wikipedia

"In the natural sciences, abiogenesis is the study of how life on Earth could have arisen from inanimate matter. It should not be confused with evolution, which is the study of how groups of already living things change over time. Most amino acids, often called "the building blocks of life", can form via natural chemical reactions unrelated to life, as demonstrated in the Miller–Urey experiment and similar experiments, which involved simulating the conditions of the early Earth. In all living things, these amino acids are organized into proteins, and the construction of these proteins is mediated by nucleic acids. Which of these organic molecules first arose and how they formed the first life is the focus of abiogenesis."

A Vision of Democracy

A Vision of the Earth and disasters;

When you think about the Sun did you ever ask yourself, could it rise up from the west? Why not? Without supernatural intervention, the rotation of the Earth would have to be stopped. But of that happening, could it? Not likely. The consequence, of the rotation of the Earth wobbling and inverting it is truly possible. This event could happen and during such an event we could see changes in weather patterns and they certainly could at random be great or small, or both. All at once or none at all... But of the thing that would change is the respective polarity of the poles because of the new alignment as the centrifugal rotation is once again established for an unknown specified period of time.

In all what this comes to is that while this shift in and of itself is possible to happen it could also be a trigger for those hair trigger phenomenon to do their dirty work... Basically stating that with all of the environmental stress that people press upon the environment and nature being nature, it is knowable that there exists a high factor for a particular event to happen and in succession many things could happen; or all things could happen at once...

What I find interesting about politics and social structure is the idea of surrender, when you know all else has or will fail, the only thing you can do is to take a bow, and sacrifice ALL to the GOD that requires your repentance and obedience.

Time management;

Last night I went to bed, after my wife who was clearly disgruntled by the fact that my time on the computer is quite demanding, on me and my relationship with her. As a friend pointed out it is balance and you have to balance all things together really well, and then juggle them too. So many people juggle their finances, but the check book never balances. They rely on others to check the math. We all make mistakes; from time to time that is reality. But it is also, reality to have a person, tell you something, and you have to listen, and pay careful attention to detail. If you succeed at that, you will have knowledge, and from that you can discern; what could be, from what 'if,' to know what did...

On Death and atrocities;

I'm not a fan of killing and I have no doubt that many lives were lost in the holocaust; I also know that there has been much progress made to overcome the embarrassment that plagues the world of such atrocities. It is never right to make light of a person's plight, I would never tell a survivor of the holocaust to, "just get over it." "The incident happened in the past, come on get with the living, and move on"... It was a traumatic episode, it was wrong, it should have never happened. I hate the Nazi's for committing such an act of cruelty, I am American with a German heritage, that was the sins of people that I was long removed from as my German history in America goes way back and has nothing to do with the Nazi regime. So how is it that I would come to think like Karl Marx? What would make me think that there is something more to the story than what is on the surface? And why do I have such a strong conviction to the Belief in a GOD of Creation? I believe in community and sharing the wealth.

As I was saying last night after going to bed, and bringing the dog into the house and allowing her sleep upstairs. She became restless, and so I put her back, out on the back porch. (For you English critics I put the whole dog out, not just the back of the dog.) It can get cold out there, but she has a great comfortable spot to curl upon. Give them food and water and some Loving attention and they manage quite well. So finally I'm heading off to sleep and my wife wakes me up at three o'clock in the morning. She starts to ask questions, and I try to explain, she never read what I wrote, she loves me, but she doesn't read my writings, and yet she loves to read, she hates politics. While I am interested in politics and other sciences; I would try to get my daughter interested in my writing as well. Why is this stuff like pulling teeth? I guess, it didn't help when I read that four page document on the ‘Evolution of Religion’ to her taking more than a minute of her time. I read on for about what, twenty minutes or so? I read aloud to my daughter and I became so choked up on the words that I had written, it probably turned her off from politics forever! While at the same time, I think she knew. This paper it was something very special to me, her mother didn't catch on to that. I think it is a work unto itself. Like a biography or a thesis statement. What really would impress me is to see what my son thinks about it.

My Son worked with our other computer the other day doing research on Martin Luther King and he, out of the blue, told me that he could envision me being just like MLK.

So at three o'clock in the morning I started to share with my wife, “the woman that was looking for a hero, of a man.” She wanted me to help her, and I told her that I would hold her up; I told her I needed a woman that I can put onto that pedestal and lift up and support, the woman that reaches down and pulls me up and helps me grow... I told her not to worry about the time that I spend on the computer, it is fleeting, it is necessary for me to do my work and the work that I do is to share the knowledge that will set straight the path for our country and make possible for a day of peace around the world. I told her how the world evolved from the primitive Earth, the growing of the land from the center of the molten core, the smaller mass that was growing outward when the ocean covered the Earth and was then separated as the land like spikes started shooting upward to the surface growing out and up and as this happened large pieces of land fell into the ocean causing great waves to splash up on distant shores, I told how life evolved in many locations some developed and grew and never relocated while some of the land masses grew and broke off and as the center of the Earth grew outward and upward and as plates carried large portions of land away and divided one mass into several masses where the life forming and growing over time became different and evolved, great numbers were created and the land supported all of them. I told my wife of the future, and of the current dangers, that we face. How our low lying communities are threatened. I told her of the threat to our great society, the financial ruin, that ‘we as a society’ we’re on the verge of being destroyed, because of our greed. How over so many centuries one group of people had controlled the wealth. While many had died for a lack of means to grow and barter for the goods that they made, or needed. I talked about the good and the bad, the corruption in our government, and how our democratic capitalistic society, has failed our fellow man. I explained that corruption is the key to the evil in our world, even in socialistic forms of government when the few control the health of so many, such a great responsibility they have. I took about an hour of her time, talking and sharing my thoughts, she claims to have been listening. I wonder? Once I told her as much as I could, I then told her that I loved her... She knows this and she has known for a long time. She asked me, “if I made the right choice?” I assured her, “I know I did.” I told her that I had my doubts a couple of times and that is well documented. Probably those thoughts are put together better on her side of the story; but I to, had a side of the story, that was less known. And I knew that I wasn't wrong for being a man and alive. I was and am living on instinct, a survivor, first and a helper of others second.

In part of the conversation, we were talking about dogs and cats, and how the animals live on instincts, and how we should never interfere with the instincts of animals or people. But sadly enough it appears as if we have found a way to interfere with peoples instincts and thought processes. We have taken away an important tool, communication... Expressions of thought, we made certain thoughts taboo... We put curses upon people and ideas and we failed to see how we would curse the next generation by restricting their freedoms to think instinctively. We had a lot of laughter yesterday as I took my daughter to get checked out for an irritation that developed on her hands. See she was using chemical creams on her skin, you know how I love the chemical companies? Don't you? For your information; I feel that most chemicals interfere with the natural workings of the biological systems, and can be a factor in causing many health problems. Well anyway after seeing the doctor we had a grocery list of things we needed to buy. So off to the pharmacy we go, my daughter asks the pharmacist to fill the doctors list, but because most of the items were over the counter cleansers, lotions, creams, and cotton gloves. We were directed to the isles to locate the items for ourselves. The pharmacist looked at me kind of odd, and I explained, “she had purchased fragrant crème or lotion chemicals, and now needed to purchase more chemicals to repair the damaged caused by the chemicals she first purchased.” With that I added, "I hate chemical companies." As much as it is my will to keep certain things out of my house and no matter how many times I try to explain it, I am always the bad guy because I am saying, “there are things that we need to abstain from.” Does this mean that ALL chemicals are bad? Certainly I have not said that, but what I have said, is that I like the way that GOD made things naturally. Maybe that sense of smell is also a tool, to tell us that we have gotten to close, to some one or something, it is like a proximity alarm. Maybe with the sense of smell, we are greeting, in the New Year, with the fragrance of spring, and with so much to do... With that knowledge, we spring to life, where the living is grand, and as we do for ourselves, we also do for others, working in a community living and accepted by society...So this morning I walked my son to school. You know the type of school that is a public school where the school is part of the Community School district, the community where we pay our community taxes, from the pay check that has removed from it our Social Security Savings... Or our future retirement savings plan with matching funds from our employer, in the form of 401K's... And of course we can't ever forget that almighty Health Care Insurance for that great Social System of Medical Care... But in a Democracy we have our Freedoms to Choose... We can go to work or we can work around our homes... But we don't get paid for our homework, it is voluntary... There are ‘no beliefs’ in paying ‘benefits’ to those, that help solve, the problems of our government in a system that doesn't believe in GOD...

The Vision;

So’ where was I going with all of this and the invasion into Iraq? This ‘war’ we are in attempting to impose ‘our’ wonderful system of Democracy. Where once again, we will fail to spread our beliefs, in democratic rule, like in Vietnam, or Cuba... I had this picture of a disease being injected into the Middle East, where something is being forced upon people like an immunization injection. If only the vaccine will take root and improve the immune system from the evil that passes by. But if the immunity system is already strong from the work that is performed outside, whether it is play or just spending a day away, walking and running throwing Frisbee, playing catch or looking for bunnies with the golden doggy. One thing is certain we all need to exercise, regularly if we are not overburdened with too many other things to do... If I recall the people of the Middle East make pilgrimages to Mecca, on a recent event peace was not the result, but a sign was given from the Heavens a sign that peace is on the way. GOD’s Blessing to ALL. I wonder how many of the farmers in Cambodia said, “Jesus Christ” as that rock fell from the sky and burned up those fields. Surely Jesus could return in any form. In one or in ALL. The fall of Democracy, the signs, that we need to change course, and direction, when we want to fix Social Security and end up removing what we need, with out a real fix in sight, near sighted thinking leads to short and quick endings, they are certain failures. When debt is high and the government has once again over spent to bring war against an invisible enemy, and line the pockets of the wealthy, while the persecuted poor are left behind. When the President is waving a white flag, but nobody is listening, A program of No Child Left behind, a call to other nations that we know we are going down soon Democracy will fail and the Third World Nations will be empowered and we the Child of Civilization are just about to see or realize the error of our ways, we have finally grown up to see the foolishness of our youth and to become accountable to the rest of the world for our use and abuse; and make no excuses admitting that we are a greedy nation. We have oppressed many people and possessed the power to help so many yet we suppressed and depressed other nations and our time is at hand, where we now acknowledge that our gluttony is a sin. We need to make a bridge of peace from with in the system, from with in our religion, from with in our own hearts. For we are the terrorist in our own backyard, and we have failed to acknowledge our own faults as a country and a people we have twisted and lied, we changed the course of history by forcing people to submit to writing only from the perspective of the Government first. We have suppressed the Truth over time, we can evidence this in the letter written by Daniel Boone, his testimony. While true, it is prejudiced, and that is so obvious. In the end we start to find that ALL people are to be equal, brothers and sisters. This is the key for me. We are a prejudiced nation and it is in our religion that the prejudice was first written.

Prejudice like a pendulum can swing;

First you have negative prejudice that leads to bigotry and harm to other people. This can happen by having false statements written into the record. Or it is just as simple as becoming upset at a particular look, or holding a particular thought. Senator John Kerry getting excommunicated from the Catholic Church is a good example. Negative prejudice can control the thoughts of other people, it is bad or evil.

Secondly there is positive Prejudice, where we give to much credit or protection to any one particular group in society and this also causes an imbalance in the Social system. It is something to consider, negative and positive, we need to remove the evil and work on equality for ALL!

Peace and GOD Bless ALL

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Conversations about Evolution

There are several parts to evolutionary growth,

  1. Spiritual evolution, found through comparing religions.

    1. A new religion from the old ones

  2. The origins of humanity

    1. DateHookUp Evolution from which kind of animal

  3. The origins of life (abiogenesis)

  4. The origins of the Universe (cosmology)

Conversations inclusive of all of the above;


Inspired from the song that John Lennon wrote, I modified the contents to fit my own personal beliefs, in a way that others might better understand how we can help our world and reduce violence and stress on a universal level.

Imagine there is a heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
No infidels around us,
Just people who do and do not lie...

Imagine all the people Living for today...

Imagine there are no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And one religion too

Imagine all the people Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine all possessions I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people sharing all the land...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one

Imagine there are no Churches
We are all working for the praise of GOD
Imagine all the people that come to GOD this way
There is only one way before us
And we go living day to day
Imagine all the people living for their future
Knowing right from wrong

You may say that I am a Dreamer, I’m not the only one

Imagine Life in Heaven, knowing all there is to know
Imagine Life on Earth working for that goal
Living life as Equals promoting the Brotherhood of People

Life is short for the living but take it day by day…
Imagine all the people living for today
Helping one another, lend a helping hand
Imagine all the people sharing across the land…

You may say that I am a dreamer, but I’m not the only one
Wake up people and see what you have done…

Think of the Blessings that each one of us could be to each other…
Think of the things that can and will be accomplished…

Think of the Earth as its own spaceship traveling to the ends of creation…
It doesn't take much imagination, to see where we have been,
Look around you now and think of where we could go, around the world, and back again,
We are here for a time, now what will we leave our children?

Imagine all the people living for tomorrow, what can we leave to our next generation a world living in peace and harmony, or disaster and disgrace... Think about your brother and sister the entire human race.

Imagine all the people living for that day.

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